Other Work

Disciple Magazine

Disciple, a monthly e-magazine, is an outreach of AMG designed to equip & encourage teachers of the Bible. I came to AMG in 2006 as the editor of Pulpit Helps, a print periodical started in 1975, and started Disciple to continue that work when we took PH out of print in 2009. I wrote hundreds of pieces for PHDisciple over the years, and even though it is no longer being updated, the site is still up and running with archives.

Book Projects

As opportunities present themselves, I hope to have more entries in this space. These aren’t “my books” per se, but those by other authors/groups who I have assisted in some capacity (editing, co-authoring, graphics design, etc.) so that my name is attached to the project.

Odds ‘n’ Ends

I freelance at, well, a lot of things. If you need a Sunday school teacher, editing work, graphic design, website content, press releases, nonprofit/ministry consulting, plant ID’s, or baking advice, just holler.